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OT  focuses on...Winter sport goggles

OT  rounds up a selection of the latest in winter sports goggles

Bolle/Layla Kerley

Refreshed features and new tech

For the winter season, Bolle has highlighted its magnetic goggle, the Nevada Neo. The goggles encompass the existing features of the Nevada goggles, with new additions including an EyeLatch. The small lock is placed at the centre of the upper part of the frame and is designed to secure the lens quickly. Wearers can open the lock to change the lens, and close it to lock it for the session, ensuring the lens stays in place. The model also comes with two magnetic lenses with complementary protection categories. Nevada Neo is available with Phantom lens cat.1 to 3, which a complementary cat.0 replacement lens to cater for weather changes.

For its winter 2020-21 line, Bolle has also brought back its Chronoshield goggles. The model is available with the Phantom lens technology, which adapts to light while offering sharp vision. The Chronoshield features the largest dimensions in Bolle’s range, offering an extra wide field of vision, while lens vents adjust the airflow and ensure clear vision without misting.

Nevada Neo

Technical innovation

Michael Pietner has highlighted the Rush 2 for Red Bull Spect Eyewear, which it suggests is the “perfect companion” for winter sports. The frame is made from TPU polyurethane, which has a high wear and abrasion resistance, as well as low temperature flexibility and resistance to oils and greases. The cyclindrical lenses have a flatter optic than the spherical lens, the company suggests, but offers excellent peripheral vision.

As well as offering a mirrored lens and UVA and UVB protection, the goggles feature its Polary Z polarized lens, allowing wearers to see better, without glare in extreme sunlight. The F°SCAPE Anti-Fog Technology uses tiny, micro-etched channels on the lens surface to ensure condensed water is drained, meaning the lens does not fog up. While the use of its FREE°D technology corrects refractions and prevents optical distortion.

Rush 002


For the chillier winter season, Moncler has highlighted its ski goggles as “essentials” for winter sports. New for the season are models in khaki and white. The oversized goggles feature a rounded front for a “perfect integration” with a helmet, as well as a neoprene inner lining which aims to prevent moisture build-up and fogging. The goggle’s elastic band ensures a snug and secure fit.

The goggles feature Moncler’s maxi logo and are also available in a variety of colourways. Marcolin has also released new sporty unisex shield sunglasses, featuring a unique construction ensuring maximum impact resistance and comfort.


Eco-friendly designs

This autumn, Spektrum launched a range of eco-friendly ski goggles, made of 64% biomaterials and designed by ex-professional snowboarders. The ‘Östra’ goggles use impact-resistant lens technology and are also glazed with an anti-scratch coating and multi-layer mirror finish, also offering full UV protection. The goggles host a magnetic lens exchange system and pivoted outriggers on the side of the frame to allow for the pressure on riders’ faces to be adjusted. An air flow lens system also ensures the goggles remain free of fog.

Speaking to OT, Henrik Köhler, head of design and production manager for Spektrum, explained that the name ‘Östra’ originates from a mountainous zone in the brand’s hometown, with an iconic cliff-drop. He said: “Östra is hard-core and the design, fit and features of the goggle reflect the origin.”

The thermoplastic elastometers in the frame are made from a renewably-sourced polyol derived from corn, while any hard plastic details are made of material that comes from sebacic acid – derived from castor oil. The inner lens is made from a bio-based cellulose acetate propionate. The frames are also coloured using injected dye technology, removing the need for painting.

“Producing sports eyewear that doesn’t harm the environment is important to us because we want everyone to be able to have a cleaner way to enjoy nature,” Mr Köhler said.