Zeiss at 100% Optical 2020

OT  speaks to Zeiss Vision Care UK’s Sofia Fazal


Carl Zeiss Vision Care’s new SmartLife lenses were highlighted by Zeiss Vision Care UK’s professional services manager, Sofia Fazal, during 100% Optical in January.  
The optometrist explained to OT that the customised lenses “have been designed uniquely, are customised for the wearer and allows them to have a more dynamic approach [to their vision].”

Ms Fazal highlighted the benefits of the new lenses for eye care practitioners, which she said included reduced non-tolerance, reduced chair time and happier customers.

“Wearing the lenses will provide customers with a much more natural feel. They are able to do multiple things, at multiple distances at work and at home,” she said.

The lenses are available in single vision, digital and progressive lenses options.

Zeiss speaks to OT at 100% Optical 2020

100% Optical 2021 will be held at ExCeL on 23–25 January.