Nine Eyewear at 100% Optical 2020

OT  speaks to Nine Eyewear’s Vibeke Anderson

Nine Eyewear
Nine Eyewear’s Vibeke Anderson spoke to OT about the brand that is designed in Denmark and manufactured in Japan, during 100% Optical in January.  

Discussing the eyewear, Ms Anderson shared that the company’s name is derived from the product itself. “The name was born due to the weight of the frames, which are nine grams, and that is across all of the different lines that we do,” she shared.

During 100% Optical, the company celebrated its ninth anniversary since it was established by founder Jens William Sorensen.

Speaking about trends, Ms Anderson said that Nine Eyewear’s focus was on producing lightweight metal frames. “We are definitely looking at moving away from heavier acetate frames, but still shapes that are square, with all sorts of 70s and 80s frames coming back in,” she predicted.

Ms Anderson added that lightweight is what people are looking for today, as is flexibility for a “fantastic fit.”

Nine Eyewear speaks to OT at 100% Optical 2020

100% Optical 2021 will be held at ExCeL on 23–25 January.