Okia presents biodegradable Reshape collection

Okia upgrades its Reshape sustainable eyewear collection with biodegradable plastics

OKIA reshape frames

Eyewear brand Okia has revealed an updated version of its Reshape sustainable eyewear collection designed to biodegrade in five years.

With the upgraded version of Reshape, Okia has utilised a biodegradable plastic created from upcycled plastic bottles.

This version of Reshape can break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass after a five-year process of biodegradation.

The company suggests that the frame and lenses used in the new Reshape collection are completely biodegradable, as well as the upcycled plastic cleaning cloth and upcycled plastic eyewear pouch.

The upgrade follows the launch of the Reshape collection in 2019.

Okia uses upcycled plastic bottles to make all Reshape products, transforming five plastic bottles into each pair of the eco eyewear.

The company highlights that while one million plastic bottles are brought around the world every minute, it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in a landfill.

“Reshape represents not only a marvellous success for Okia but also a great milestone in sustainable eyewear industry,” the company said in a statement.