Transitions at 100% 2020

OT  speaks to Transitions’ Carly Rocyn-Jones

Transitions launched its new Generation 8 lenses at 100% Optical 2020, with the company’s category manager, Carly Rocyn-Jones, labelling the new product “a massive breakthrough in technology.”

Talking to OT about the new lenses, Ms Rocyn-Jones explained that the light changing technology “has really made breakthroughs in responsiveness.”

This, Ms Rocyn-Jones explained, means that: “Going in doors [the lens is] coming back clearer much, much faster. It’s also going slightly darker, but still keeps its main features of offering 100% protection from UV and clarity indoors.”

Sharing why Transitions is excited by the Generation 8 lenses, Ms Rocyn-Jones said: “Consumers and eye care practitioners have previously told us that it’s still the fadeback time that is the problem. Therefore, they are really excited when they see this product and the fact that this is no longer a problem.”

“[Eye care practitioners] feel much more comfortable recommending this product to clear lens wearers,” she added.

Highlighting the benefits that the lenses can offer clinically, Ms Rocyn-Jones referenced research which reports that nine out of 10 patients express light sensitivity issues. However, she emphasised that with “some fantastic frames in some new fantastic colours” that allow wearers to “create some really great looks,” they also have a fashion-related benefit too.

Transitions speaks to OT at 100% Optical

100% Optical 2021 will be held at ExCeL on 23–25 January.