Behind the brand

Crafted with the individual in mind

Managing director of Silhouette, Perry Moore, tells OT  about eyewear in space, promoting sustainability and celebrating 20 years of Titan Minimal Art

Silhouette model and eyewear

Can you tell me three interesting facts about Silhouette?

  1. Since its establishment in 1964 by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied, the Linz-based company has remained family-owned
  2. Since 2017, Silhouette has been producing its own lenses via the Silhouette Vision Sensation scheme at the Lens Lab, a specially designed facility on its corporate campus in Linz, Austria
  3. As of today, the Titan Minimal Art (TMA) collection has faithfully accompanied astronauts on 36 missions into space.

What makes your eyewear unique?

Nothing feels like a Silhouette. Light, comfortable and stylish, our collections are made in Austria and crafted with the individual in mind. Our rimless collections, for which we are best known, offer a bespoke solution for a discerning consumer looking for piece that is exceptionally well made and offers the best possible comfort and vision.

What is the latest collection that Silhouette has released and what are its defining features?

The 20 Years TMA special edition collection consists of four models, two for men and two for women, with which Silhouette proves once again that glasses can be a real fashion accessory. The two women’s models capitalise on a futuristic appearance with a holographic, yet transparent full-rim look that changes in delicate tones and makes the wearer’s face stand out. They are available in the feminine panto shape and another, which is a bit more extravagant, in the fascinating mix of cat-eye as well as angular glass shape. The two men’s models rely on sporty, masculine forms, which are even more strongly expressed by subtle reflections at the edges in gold and silver.

Urban Lite frame
‘1590’ from Silhouette’s Urban Lite collection

How are you celebrating 20 years of TMA?

In addition to the 20 Years TMA special edition collection, we released a stunning new range of TMA The Icon in September to mark this special moment in the company’s history. It’s also a great opportunity for our customers to join in the celebrations, many of our partners have been with us during the past 20 years so we will be working with them on a number of brand events.

What are the company’s main ambitions for the next 12 months?

To further consolidate our position as the benchmark in premium eyewear for both sight correction and protection. 

What external factors are the company taking into account when planning for the future, and why?

As a premium quality manufacturer, Silhouette is committed to protecting the environment and preserving our natural resources. In line with its strong Austrian values, it is actively engaged in promoting sustainability. In addition to complying with legal requirements, the company runs its own pioneering in-house initiatives to promote sustainable innovation that benefits the environment.

Nothing feels like a Silhouette. Light, comfortable and stylish, our collections are made in Austria and crafted with the individual in mind


Are there any new products in development that customers should be aware of?

In addition to the TMA rimless products that launched in September, there was also new additions to our best selling fullrim collection, the Urban Lite. 

What do you predict eyewear trends to be in 2020?

As sustainability becomes more and more of a key driver for the consumer, we anticipate further development in the use of renewable materials.

Our sister brand Neubau is already ahead of the curve here with its naturalPX collection. NaturalPX is a highly developed, eco-friendly material used to manufacture our polymer eyeglass frames. It is made from organically sourced and renewable primary products, as 65% of it is based on oil extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants.