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Optometrist and lifestyle blogger, Lizzy Yeowart, shares her tips for wearing blue

Amalfi coast

Blue: the colour that has it all. Whether you take inspiration from summer skies or sparkling seas, no matter how you choose your blues, there’s a shade to suit everyone

Yohji Yamamoto

The spring/summer 2019 collection from award-winning master tailor Yohji Yamamoto includes pairings of ultralight duralumin, titanium and bespoke acetates. Lightness, elegance and restraint underlie the designs and Yamamoto’s supreme skill in cut and fit are evident throughout.

Yohji Yamamoto, ‘YY7028’ in navy (pictured below)

Yohji Yamamoto frames


The grid-like pattern of Vanni’s Pixel collection is made up of infinite squares that create a 3D effect, playing on the multi-colour luminosity and transparent nature of the material. Inspired by tones of the Mediterranean summer and a blue that reflects the glimmering sea, you only need to blink and you’re there on the Amalfi coast.

Vanni, Pixel ‘1316-A564’ (pictured below)

Vanni Pixel frames


It’s Izipizi to have fun in the sun with this azure, unisex frame from the Flash Lights collection. Izipizi has just opened its first British store on London’s Carnaby Street, which will evolve with the seasons to reflect the brand’s state of mind in a trendy, fresh, dynamic and colourful universe.

Izipizi, C Light Azure (pictured below)

Izipizi Light Azure frames