What to watch out for in 2019

100% Optical exhibitors share their eyewear trend predictions for 2019

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Eyewear exhibitors at 100% Optical spoke to OT about what eyewear trends they think will take prominence in 2019. Amongst the predictions were more metal, thinner acetates and a neutral colour palette that reflects the Pantone colour of the year.

Product director at Eyespace Eyewear, Emily Andrews, shared that she has observed a change in optical trends recently, with a move away from heavy frames and towards slimmer frames.

“We have seen super thin acetates and a big, big shift towards metal frames and aviators, and retro minimalism has been really big,” she said.

Group sales director at Norville Eyewear, Mark Truss, agreed as he highlighted that the market is also seeing more mixed metals with acetate, as well as the advent of the double-bar. 

For Dunelm Optical’s David Baker, there is a continuation of very light, fine metals. “It’s that aviator classic style, but with a twist,” he said.

Head of north of Europe at Safilo, Frederic Laffort, said that “the big frames coming through are all about the 90s narrow.”

In agreement was Neubau area sales manager, Lisa Haghofer, who said thinner, slimmer frames were emerging. 

De Rigo trade marketing manager, Hannah Alley, predicted that “logo mania” will become more prevalent in 2019, with logo plaques appearing on frames.

Eyewear at 100% Optical

Capturing colour

Discussing colour, vice president of sales and marketing at Charmant, Chris Beal, said that neutrals will always be around.

Ms Andrews highlighted that the Pantone colour of the year, which is ‘living coral’ for 2019, tends to influence trends. “So baby pinks and baby blues, and then purples,” for 2019 she said. 

Ms Andrews also predicted that with a strong presence of coral in the market, she also expected more reds to begin to come through in collections. 

Eyewear at 100% Optical

Metal matters

For founder of Bird Sunglasses, Ed Bird, as well as founder of William Morris Eyewear, Robert Morris, metal is going to make a comeback.

Mr Bird said: “Metal frames are trending this year, particularly round metal frames.”

Mr Morris added: “Everybody is saying metal is coming back and it is, big time, but there is still a huge demand for acetates as well, but a thinner acetate rather than very heavy looking frames.” 

In agreement was national sales manager for TD Tom Davies, Paul Foxall, who told OT: “We are in a golden age of eyewear,” predicting: “Titanium is going to come into its own, it is a key material.”