Essilor Eyezen Start targets visual fatigue

The lens company spoke to OT  at 100% Optical

Man on tablet device

Essilor’s Eyezen Start lens uses Dualoptim technology to correct distance and close targets for pre-presbyopic patients who suffer from visual fatigue at the end of the day.

Speaking to OT at 100% Optical, Essilor’s professional relations manager, Dr Andy Hepworth, explained: “Screens are becoming ever more used, so our research and development team set up different research units to discover exactly what increased screen use means.”

Dr Hepworth explains the benefits of Eyezen Start

He said the research units discovered that people using a screen are holding devices at a distance of 32cm on average, which is closer than a traditional hard copy target.

“They are looking through a lower portion of the spectacle lens and they’re holding that smartphone closer. The spectacle lens isn’t dealing with the instant angle. That’s what Eyezen Start compensates for,” he added.