Shift to sustainable

Plastic collected from the sea and cork are being used to create eyewear

Sea2See frames

There has been a shift towards people wanting more sustainable products over the last 10 years, OT was told by two eyewear companies at 100% Optical (12–14 January, ExCeL London).

Founder of Bird Sunglasses, Ed Bird, said: “We use a lot of cork, wood and aluminium. Stuff that looks great but is also really good for the environment.”

He explained that cork is a durable material that if looked after well will last for years.

“A cork tree can be harvested every 10 or 15 years. You don’t have to chop it down, so it is an ongoing process,” Mr Bird added.

CEO and founder of Sea2See, Francois van den Abeele, said: “Our objective is to raise awareness about a critical problem that is contamination.”

He shared that the eyewear company has shipping containers in ports where they collect plastic.

“We bring back that waste into a re-usable raw material and that plastic is what we send to Italy to manufacture our glasses,” he told OT.

Bird Sunglasses and Sea2See discuss using sustainable materials for creating eyewear