Transitions Optical unveils new branding

A new logo and tagline have been launched, alongside a promotional video

Transitions Optical unveils new branding

Transitions Optical has revealed a new brand identity, including a refreshed logo and tagline.

Designed to highlight its products in a modern and innovative way, Transitions explained that the rebrand also aims to communicate a young lifestyle, fun attitude and exciting presentation of the technology.

The new logo has a diagonal split design with the ‘O’ divided into clear and dark by a ray of light. The company explained that it is designed to reflect the different light conditions its wearers experience every day and evoke the feeling of swiping through these lights on a mobile phone.

Transitions’ Light intelligent lenses tagline is inspired by the company’s research in 2016–17, which found that 87% of spectacle wearers report being sensitive to light. The company explained: “The imagery, colour palette and messaging of the new campaign emphasise how we embrace light: how we need it and at the same time, how it can harm us.”

A video has been produced for practitioners to display in-store or online as an introduction to the new Transitions consumer campaign. It highlights the benefits of the lenses, such as the technology and level of eye care offered.