Upping the stakes

Continuing the success of its national campaign Challenge Us, Shamir has raised the stakes

Shamir has not only decided to extend its Challenge Us campaign until Christmas 2018, but it will also re-launch it with the chance to win a SPARK Mi. To be entered into the prize draw, practitioners are required to request a cost analysis from the company.

"We have trialled most of the dispensing measuring devices on the market and found the Shamir Spark Mi to be quick, easy to use and precise. I particularly found the table top design to be great for capturing the image of the patient, giving accurate results for all of today’s high tech lens requirements. Our patients love it. It looks professional and enhances the overall customer experience."

General manager of three independent opticians, North East of England. 

Shamir believes in working together with loyal customers, maintaining relationships and assisting your necessary needs to certify that your business is a thriving one. We believe that understanding what makes your business ‘boom’ ensures the provision of our best products and services.   

We accommodate one of the best R+D technology facilities in the ophthalmic industry, as well as one of the pioneers of Freeform lens design, with several patents awarded. The Global Enterprise that is Shamir Optical Industry Ltd consists of 21 countries, of which seven are laboratories. It is therefore not a surprise, that our research is advanced, factual and modern. Our products are sophisticated, extensively tested and verified with industry experts, and our knowledge stays competent, energetic and ongoing.

What do Shamir do?

We deliver quality, service and value throughout all communication with our customers. We invest our time and expertise to go above and beyond, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our products are produced with profound attention to detail whilst promising the range covers all price brackets, designs and lifestyles, giving all industry workers the tools to recreate perfect vision regardless of prescription.   

Getting involved with the campaign

It’s simple. Request a cost analysis and see how much you can save by swapping your lens provider to Shamir:

  1. Register your details by completing the form on our website
  2. Following your cost analysis, await your box of biscuits
  3. Set up your new Shamir account, ready to experience brilliant quality, supreme service and unbeatable value
  4. Be entered in our prize draw to win a SPARK Mi™.

Following up with your local area lens consultant, they will take you through your analysis and advocate an individualised agreement specifically for you and your business.  

For more information, don't hesitate to call 01954 785 100 or email. 

Full terms and conditions can found on Shamir's website

  • Till the end of the year, every bill sent to Shamir UK’s Cambridge office will be entered in a prize draw to win a SPARK Mi™
  • The prize draw will be held at the end of January 2018 and if won, your prize and training will be delivered by your local area lens consultant, showing the complete benefits of measuring patients with our SPARK Mi™
  • To receive a cost analysis, each bill needs to have a clear discount scheme from your main supplier.

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