Progressive lens welcomed

Essilor enjoys success with Varilux X launch

The optical industry has embraced Essilor’s eighth generation Varilux lens with 94% of independents happy to recommend it.

The universally positive response followed recent launch events in Manchester and Birmingham, where more than 200 independent practitioners gathered to be briefed on the UK launch of Varilux X series.

Speakers talked about how the new lens will change the lives of millions of presbyopes by helping them regain visual agility and spontaneity with very little of the frustrating head movement to "find the sweet spot."

Based on feedback received from patients, more than nine out of 10 patients are satisfied with their Varilux X series lenses. 

The report also revealed that 98% of those surveyed plan to switch and replace Varilux S series with Varilux X series. 

Head of marketing at Essilor, Jonathan Cohen, said: "It’s fantastic to have the support of our independent business partners and we truly believe the lens will help many more generation X presbyopes who are multi-tasking all day in an accelerated and online world and always feel rushed.  Progressive lenses should not slow them down."

Varilux X series has been trialled by a selection of industry experts who have all shown their support. 
Oliver Goldsmith, managing director of Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear, said: "This latest creation Varilux X series is so astonishing, I am really lost for words. The minute I put them on, everything was crystal clear and definitely no "swim effect" as I move my head up and down. It's a revelation to be able to see distance, mid and reading without any feeling of being unstable. It's quite amazing that Varilux has managed to create a lens that feels like a single vision but is a five star varifocal."  

Gordon Batham, Goatman and Batham owner and optometrist said: We try to give patients unique products and high-quality optics and all of those things help differentiate us from the masses. I put Varilux X series on and they are great. I don't see any distortions, they just seem brighter. I can walk around, I can access my phone, and see it and read it. It's an easy thing to do. The optics seem to be sharp, it's a really nice lens.  I don't have to take them off to reverse the car which has been a complaint with varifocals in the past – that’s all gone. They are just really functional in that environment.

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