Thriving with 'Be a modern hero'

Essilor on the success of its latest campaign

Independents have welcomed a new multi-pair promotional campaign from Essilor, as a proven way to build footfall and customer satisfaction and generate new customers.

Aimed purely at independent opticians, the £5m ‘Be a Modern Hero’ offer is inspired by the 2016 campaign where 72% of opticians saw sales grow, with 41% who ordered multi-pairs and reported double-digit growth.

Chapman & Myers intends to build on strong 2016 results. The practice's managing director, Andy Chapman, said: “[Last year] we had a record week of orders, with great upgrades on second pairs and patients feeling they were getting excellent value for money. Like all great promotions, it was simple and effective.”

The ‘Be a Modern Hero’ 2017 offer enables opticians to buy a second pair of Crizal lenses in the same prescription at a 50% discount, which practices can pass directly to patients, to boost multi-pair sales.

Frame suppliers are offering additional discounts to existing and new customers who are signed to the campaign.
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The initiative includes the first national TV advertising campaign for Varilux in 20 years, alongide weather channel TV sponsorship and digital media support.

Practices can promote the campaign locally with a customised marketing package. Options include outdoor advertising such as billboards and bus shelters, press and radio advertising, and mailshots. It also includes in-store point-of-sale materials to support the local marketing activities.

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Essilor is running dynamic CET training on how to present multi-pair options to patients. Each in-practice CET session lasts an hour.

Head of marketing at Essilor, Jonathan Cohen, said: “Our training gives staff new insights in how to match complex lifestyle needs to lenses and then helps them to make a multi-pair offer without concerns over price barrier. Our vision is to inspire new ways of thinking about lenses for individuals.

“Only 15% of specs are sold as multi-pairs in the UK, which is far lower than in other countries. There is real room for growth by simply giving the consumer the second pair that helps them when driving, on holiday, at work, in sport or by helping them to refresh their image."

Mr Cohen added: “Independent research shows that last year’s campaign helped staff to focus on different pairs for different activities and delighted patients who valued the advice.

”We are proud to be the only lens manufacturer investing in national media for independents. This reinforces our position as the independent optician’s best business partner.”

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