A minute with...Tom Davies

The founder of TD Tom Davies on good design

Tom Davies

Why is bespoke design important?

When I first started making spectacles, it really started to annoy me that spectacles didn’t really fit people the way they should. I discovered that the chance of getting a frame that actually fits you perfectly in the colours you want, the styles you want, is very rare.

Has technology changed the way you create eyewear?

Most parts of our frames are handmade, and every craftsman that works with us has to have at least 10 years of experience. All our bespoke frames are finished with the name of the customer engraved discreetly on the inside of the side; for this, we use an ion laser. I also designed the machines that make my spectacles.

Where do you see the bespoke market going in the future?

After many years of bespoke design, I want opticians around the world to be able to offer this, too. This is why I am introducing a new service called ‘Custom – Made to Order’, which makes it faster and easier for opticians to make changes and order customised frames for their clients.

Image credit: Tom Davies