Lens launches at 100% Optical

From 3D virtual reality headsets to hot eye masks, 100% Optical saw a variety of product launches this year

Lady trying the Essilor Nautilus at 100% Optical 2016

The Lens Hub at 100% Optical (6–8 February, ExCeL London) saw several new product launches from market leaders this year.

3D virtual reality headsets featured widely, with both Essilor’s Nautilus and Hoya’s prototype lens demo unit being popular attractions for visitors.

Speaking about the significance of the technology, Hoya Lens UK’s head of business and development, John Heritage, told OT: “It’s a way for opticians to demonstrate in a realistic way what it’s like to wear different types of progressive lenses, and a way to help and advise the correct product for the patient.”

Hoya also introduced its Avantek rimless range, which it claims to be unique in that there is no stress on how the lens is mounted, providing a clearer, “truly rimless” look.

For Essilor, another key focus at 100% Optical was to promote its new campaign for Crizal lenses, which aims to raise awareness about the dangers of UV rays to the eyes alongside the protection that its products can offer against this.

Family GP and health editor of Good Morning Britain, Dr Hilary Jones, was present at 100% Optical to advocate The Eye Doctor’s new hot eye mask.

After years of struggling with sore eyes from working in television, he claims the new product helps combat the symptoms. He told OT: “For me, it works brilliantly and much better than anything else I’ve ever tried.”

Watch more about these launches at 100% Optical in the video above.