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EssilorLuxottica showcases new lens edger range

The system has been designed to simplify processes, and also incorporates bespoke lens design and engraving services

EssilorLuxottica launched its new edging system range at 100% Optical, featuring the ES700, ES800.

Paul Cumber, instruments director UK and Ireland for EssilorLuxottica, said of the new product: “For customers that have inhouse glazing, it provides a nice opportunity to offer a bespoke service to customers.”

Gareth Richardson, sales manager for EssilorLuxottica, explained that the system has been designed to simplify processes and remove human error.

“One of the things that we’ve always been asked for is speed. For a high production lab, some features can create a bit of a bottleneck. What we’ve been able to do is streamline that, get rid of the bottlenecks, and make everything flow,” he said.

The new tracer system can take a customer or demo lens and produce a trace within a second.

“This normally would take 30 seconds, which might not seem like a long time, but when you spread that across 60 to 70 jobs in a day, it could save you a lot of time,” Richardson shared.

Two features have been added to the system to enable practices to offer patients a bespoke lens design and engraving services.

This is operated through a web-based app, through which practice teams can show customers different designs without reverting to pen and paper.

While offering custom lens shapes could be done previously, it was labour intensive, Richardson said.

Describing the engraving offering, Cumber suggested that adding a detail, such as an emoji or the wearer’s name, can be particularly beneficial for younger wearers who might be more reluctant to wear glasses.

“It makes it a bit more appealing for them to wear, more customised. It [makes it] their own, and they’ll be proud to wear it,” he said.

Cumber added that the device is quiet, and could be brought into the centre of practice, rather than being kept at the back.

“It’s a nice feature. You can sit at the front of the shop with the dispensing optician and design the lenses, the engravings, push that through to the lab machine and they can create the design for you,” he said.

User profiles have been added to the system, allowing users to set different languages and preferences. The system has also been simplified, with the use of graphics increased.

The ES 700 and ES 800 provide a milling function to mill the lens, rather than grind it on traditional grinding wheels.

Richardson explained: “A lot of people now are conscious of the environment and we’re using a lot of water. This reduces it, and also eradicates any risk of slippage.”