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The Xephilio OCT-R1's combination of OCT and high-definition retinal camera makes it ideal for High Street practices

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It is official, the Xephilio OCT-R1 from Canon has arrived. The combination of optical coherence tomography (OCT) and high-definition retinal camera in the Xephilio OCT-R1 makes it an ideal solution for diabetic eye screening programmes and High Street practices with high volume patients.

The Xephilio OCT-R1 offers a large and high-quality OCT scan up to 14.7 x 13.4mm, with a 32.5 MP resolution retinal camera and specific algorithm processes in the EOS for optimal ophthalmic imaging.

Combined with the retinal camera, the Xephilio OCT-R1 produces high definition, true-colour imaging. It also has a very small footprint and a flexible layout. It can easily fit into any room, even in smaller spaces, but can also be placed in a corner or against a wall, allowing for optimal use of the available space.

The Xephilio OCT-R1 is designed with excellent ergonomics in mind. The forehead rest features a five degree tilt to make it more comfortable for the patient to maintain their forehead against the rest. This helps to reduce any discomfort and improves patient collaboration during the imaging process, resulting in a more efficient and successful OCT scan. The thoughtful design of the Xephilio OCT-R1 is just one of the ways that Canon prioritises patient comfort.

One of the main offerings of the Xephilio OCT-R1 is a fully automated examination protocol with one touch of a button. This advanced feature streamlines the imaging process and ensures accuracy and consistency in the imaging data obtained from both eyes. There is also an audio guidance feature that complements this, making the device easy to use for both patients and operators.

The results of the sequential examination are visualised in a comprehensive overview.

Abdul Jahangir, sales director at Sense Medical, the official distributor of Canon Eyecare in the UK and Ireland, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer this new combination device to the UK & Ireland markets. The Xephilio OCT-R1 is an excellent choice for diabetic eye screening programmes and High Street opticians who value speed, accuracy and patient comfort.”

He added: “Canon has developed an optical coherence tomography device that can do everything in one smaller footprint device, that is easy to use. Optometry practices, from high-end to mid-multiple and multiples, don’t have the resource to spend a lot of time training individuals. What is needed is a product that will take care of everything. Canon’s artificial intelligence technology is going to be a gamechanger in eye care.”

To find out more about the Xephilio OCT-R1 device from Canon, please get in touch with Sense Medical at 01276 479068 or email [email protected]

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