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OT  look at launches in myopia management, corneal topography, and eye health, as well as new eyewear collections with a focus on luxury

Two children, a boy and girl, stand with their arms crossed and confident looks wearing spectacles. They stand in front of a rainbow background


Myopia management


Shamir has released a new lens for myopia management in children, Shamir Optimee. The lens has also been designed with children’s wellbeing, including ergonomics, in mind.

The lens integrates Shamir FocusFlow defocus technology, which provides a clear central vertical zone with the child’s prescription, allowing for flexible eye movement so that children can focus on near-vision activities and at all distances without over-flexing their neck.

The lens is available in indexes between 1.50 and 1.74, Rx range +0.5D to –10D and as clear or Transitions (green and grey).
Linda Farrow


Understated luxury


Linda Farrow has revealed a new masculine collection for the upcoming spring and summer season with 11 sunglass designs and 15 ophthalmic shapes all in black colourways.

Two aviator models stand out from the collection, the ‘Enzo,’ with layered titanium and side shields, and the ‘Edano,’ which features 3mm thick solid grey lenses in a rimless silhouette.

The new collection has been designed to exude “understated luxury combined with exceptional technical details,” the brand shared.
A white bottle with yellow and blue branding in the shape of a round target. The logo states MacuPrime


Healthy eyes


MacuHealth has named The Body Doctor as its exclusive distributor in the UK, launching its MacuPrime and ReMind supplement brands in the market.

MacuPrime is backed by 15 clinical trials, the company said, including the EU Central Retinal Enrichment Supplementation Trials at the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland (NRCI).

In a recent 24-month, double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial at the NRCI ReMind’s formula offered improvements in mood and memory in patients with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease, according to carers, as well as showing signs of slower rates of disease progression.

Karen Fennell, MacuHealth marketing manager, said: “The Body Doctor is as passionate as we are about empowering people with science-based knowledge to make the right choices for their long-term eye and brain health.”
The OS1000 corneal topographer from SVM Sistemi
Grafton Optical


Corneal topographer


Grafton Optical has launched the OS1000 corneal topographer from SBM Sistemi. The two-in-one system offers complete corneal topography analysis and an all-in-one dry eye assessment. The system offers an in-clinic workflow with extensive reports and follow-ups, the company said.

Features include detailed corneal evaluation, automatic left/right detection, and complete evaluation of the anterior surface and tear-related structures.

The software can be upgraded to the practice’s needs, and also provides one-click joystick image and video acquisition.
a pair of AB3346 frames. The frames are thin with a pop of red
Charmant, ‘AB3346’


Colour in 3D


Ad Lib by Charmant revealed its autumn/winter collection with 10 new frames channelling inspiration from pop culture, sport and technology.

In the men’s range, coloured front and side edging add a pop to the rounded ‘AB3345’ and soft hexagonal ‘AB3346,’ both made of titanium with a beta-titanium hinge. A new style brings striking bi-colour contrast on the sides and brow line, available in pantos and rectangular forms.

The highlight of the women’s collection is a focus on three-colour combinations on the front and sides of the frames, as well as 3D brow lines, available in octagonal (‘AB3297’) and pantos shapes. A crown pantos and soft square frame bring the colour combinations to thinner models.