UK pilot for myopia management device to be rolled out

Eyerising International has launched a UK pilot for its myopia management device

Young girl with glasses next to optical device

Australian MedTech company, Eyerising International, has rolled out a six-month UK pilot for its Eyerising myopia management device this month.

The pilot sees the home-use therapeutic device, which has been designed for children aged between three and 16, introduced to 10 practices across the UK, including Airedale Opticians, Eye Gee Opticians, iLife Opticians, IQ Optometry, Rose Opticians, Simon Falk Eyecare, Watsons Optometrists, and Zacks Eye Clinic.

Eyerising International explained to OT that the practices have been “handpicked” to take part in the pilot “due to their focused service on myopia control for children and their eagerness to explore new avenues of treatment for patients who haven't seen desired results with existing methods.”

Through the pilot, the company will explore the integration of its myopia management device into each practice. It will also monitor the clinical and commercial impact of the device, and gather feedback from practitioners and patients.

The company hopes that the pilot will enable it to better understand market dynamics, including pricing, the integration impact of the device on elements such as patient journey and footfall, user experience, and clinical outcomes.

During the pilot, data will be shared exclusively with Dr Neema Ghorbani Mojarrad, assistant professor at the University of Bradford, who will conduct an independent review that focuses on the therapy’s efficacy and safety among children in the UK.

“This is a crucial step to validate the results we’ve observed in other markets and to understand any unique challenges or benefits presented by the UK demographic,” the company told OT.

On concluding the pilot, Eyerising International hopes it will better understand the device’s potential in the UK market, including its challenges and opportunities, in order to support its goal of expansion into the country.

The myopia management device is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Turkey, China, and the EU.

Eyerising emphasised that while the device is designed for home use, it is only accessible through eye care practitioners. “This ensures that children undergo proper eye examinations before starting the therapy, and these professionals can offer consistent support in monitoring the progression of myopia,” it said.