Positive Impact website aims to benefit independent practices

The updated website aims to ensure independent practices “don’t lose out” when patients purchase dry eye products online

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Pexels/Jessica Lewis

Positive Impact has relaunched its Dry Eye Zone website, aiming to support independent practices by ensuring they “don’t lose out” when patients purchase dry eye products online.

The supplier has relaunched its Dry Eye Zone shop, where patients can buy products conveniently online, while keeping the independent practice a part of the equation.

Practitioners can recommend and provide the patient with their first supply of a dry eye product along with a patient leaflet containing the practice’s unique code.

If patients go on to order their further supply from the website, when using the code they will receive a 10% discount, and the practice receives a reimbursement of the total order value received. The patient can also gain free delivery for purchases of over £50.

The patient-facing website emphasises the importance of seeking a practitioner’s advice, the supplier highlighted.

A screen capture of the patient-facing website. The page is dominated by a close-up banner image of a caucasian lady’s smiling blue-grey eyes. The words ‘Open our eyes to Dry Eye Zone’ are overlaid in white over the image. The website is a calming teal colour.
Positive Impact’s new Dry Eye Zone website

Maxine Green, Positive Impact’s sales and operations director, said: “At least 95% of dry eye sales go through non-optical channels and we don’t believe that’s right when manufacturers expect the sector to drive recommendation in the first place.

“Post-COVID, it is estimated that more than half of consumers prefer to buy online, and we are committed to ensuring that our customers don’t lose out when the patient makes that convenient choice,” she added.

The supplier suggested that by directing patients to the website, practices can save finances and space, and reduce the risk of buying products in bulk that may expire before they can be sold.

The Dry Eye Zone includes products such as HydraMed, Purifeyes, DemEx, Dry Omega, TearRestore and Bruder. The site also features optocosmetics and make-up from Lash Builder and Eyes are the Story.