OrCam Technologies launches new portable reading device

Orcam Read 3 combines a voice-activated reading companion, magnifier, and stand into one device for users with vision loss or who experience reading fatigue

In a kitchen setting, a lady points the slim black device, the OrCam Read 3, at the back of a carton she holds in the other hand.

OrCam Technologies has launched its latest reading device into the UK market.

The OrCam Read 3 is a portable reading companion for individuals with vision loss or who experience challenges when reading.

The device has been designed to be used with any printed, handwritten or digital text on any surface.

The product combines a handheld voice-activated reading companion, a magnifier, and a reader stand.

The technology is supported by an intuitive artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that can summarise text instantly, while a smart reading feature also enables the user to locate specific words.

This latest product can turn any screen device into a browser-based magnifier, allowing the user to zoom in on text, handwriting, images or numbers.

The company suggested this provides users the choice to read independently and would remove the need for a separate magnifier.

A stationary reader stand enables hands-free use.

Irie Metzer, UK regional director of OrCam Technologies, said: “We recognise that people have different preferences for reading and interacting with visual materials at various stages of their lives.”

Metzer added that the device “gives people who are visually impaired or have reading fatigue the confidence and independence to read at their own pace through the magnifier, or have the device read to them.”