Optix Software forms European partnership

The software provider, Optix Software, led by Trevor Rowley, will join iPro and Amparex in forming Evex Group

Trevor Rowley on stage at the Optix conference

Optix Software has announced that it has entered into a partnership with two of the largest European practice management software (PMS) providers, which will together form Evex Group.

Combined, Optix Software, alongside iPro and Amparex, will support over 7000 optical and audiology businesses across Europe.

Optix Software has confirmed that its founder, optometrist Trevor Rowley, will remain as managing director, working alongside current directors Andrew Harrison, Lee Atkinson and Tom Bean.

Speaking about the partnership, CEO of Evex Group, Dr Toni Schmidt, said: “The Evex Group is the clear market leader in the German-speaking PMS-world. Being able to welcome the leading UK player to the group is genuinely thrilling. The three companies will profit immensely from combining their individual strengths and expertise. This will enable us to deliver the best systems and services to our customers today and in the future.”

On the partnership Rowley said he was “truly excited to be part of this project,” adding that he would continue to be leading Optix Software for the foreseeable future.

“Aside from the additional scale and security this provides for our customers and staff, the news is particularly exciting for the development team at Optix,” Rowley shared, adding: “We plan to create a single pan-European PMS product which will be built using our cutting edge Optix 2 technology with appropriate bespoke extensions for the different market requirements.”

Whilst the all-new Optix 2 platform is to form the foundation of the group’s pan- European system, future software development will benefit all Evex customers.