Cerium launches Intuitive Colorimeter Wave

As Cerium celebrates its 30th anniversary, the company has revealed its fifth model, the Intuitive Colorimeter Wave

Cerium wave

Cerium Visual Technologies (CVT) has revealed the latest iteration of its Intuitive Colorimeter – the Wave.

The Wave has been redesigned into a new space-saving footprint, and features a new cloud storage capability, as well as aesthetically refreshed and improved software.

The Intuitive Colorimeter Wave is the fifth model Cerium has launched, and follows the Curve, which came to market in 2018 and was its first instrument to offer a fully digital user experience.

The new platform will be on display at 100% Optical 2023, on stand M250.

The company, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, shared: “From the original manual Intuitive Colorimeter MK1 to the latest elevated digital offering, CVT has continually strived to provide robust and ground-breaking solutions for the end user to encourage streamlined assessment for visual stress within clinical settings.”

“CVT maintains a passionate appetite to support research, to continue to technically advance and to provide gold standard services to all customers. These strategic aims will help underpin their priorities as they look to the next 30 years of business,” the company continued.