Zeiss at 100% Optical

Zeiss showcased equipment that assists practices in supporting patients from assessment to diagnosis, management and referral

Zeiss business development manager, Claire Martin, highlighted that the company was showcasing its glaucoma and retinal workflow technology at 100% Optical.

Technology to help clinicians assess and educate patients, diagnose conditions and assist with management and referrals was on display.

“It is the patient journey that we are looking at – whether it is related to the retina or glaucoma, we are trying to take the optometrist from the start point right to the very end,” Martin shared.

Zeiss clinical applications specialist, Hayley Coates, demonstrated the capabilities of the Clarus 500 fundus camera.

The technology has an ultra-wide camera that captures 133 degrees in one image.

“The beauty of this camera is that it is true colour so it is the colour you would see if you were examining the patient on slit lamp with the Volk lens,” Coates shared.

It is possible to separate out the colour channels with the device, with a red colour channel for the choroid.

There is also a red-free mode which helps with examination of the vasculature. It is helpful for examination of patients with diabetes or any patients with vein occlusion.

A blue colour channel can be used to examine the anterior layers of the retina.