DizzyDuck’s Visual Fixation System at 100% Optical

Simon Berry, optometrist and owner of DizzyDuck, told OT  about a device to help optometrists treat patients with learning disabilities

Optometrist, Simon Berry, launched a device designed to help optometrists treat children and adults with learning disabilities at 100% Optical (23-25 April).

Simon Berry
As the owner of a practice specialising in delivering eye care for patients with learning disabilities, Berry shared how his experience led him to design the Visual Fixation System. Speaking to OT, he said: “People with Down’s syndrome have a particular condition, called accommodative lag, where they are not able to focus on close-up things.”

“I noticed that if I was measuring somebody when they were focused on something that they weren’t interested in, we would get a false result,” Berry said.

To resolve this issue, Berry designed the Visual Fixation System, through which an optometrist can play a video on a mobile phone to engage the patient, whilst still being able to see their eyes through a second clear screen.

“The reaction with patients has been amazing, because you’ll have some people who haven’t been able to engage with the eye test before, and it just makes it so much easier and more pleasant for the patient,” Berry said.

Through his company, DizzyDuck, Berry also distributes Erin’s World Frames, specially designed to fit children with Down’s syndrome.

“When you look at the studies of people with learning disabilities, their biggest barrier to the services is accessing the eye care and being able to wear glasses,” Berry said. “People with Down’s syndrome tend to have a flat bridge to their nose and Western-style frames don’t really fit them too well.”

Erin’s World frames are designed with a wide display angle and lower bridge to provide a better fit, and 180° hinges, making them more durable.