Essilor at 100% Optical

The company gave OT  a demonstration of its new Myopia Expert 700 device

Essilor brought its Myopia Expert 700 to 100% Optical 2022, part of its Essilor Myopia Care solution.

The new device incorporates a topography system with axial length measurements built in, explained Darren Taylor, optometry sales and product training manager for Essilor, along with percentile growth charts.

“Refraction is very, very important but there are lots of factors that don’t make it the most accurate,” Taylor told OT at 100% Optical.

Axial length measurement is “totally objective,” Taylor said, adding that this is what practitioners can “base all your opinions, figures and planning on, to actually know if you’re making a difference or not.”

Taylor highlighted a need to think differently about myopia, as “almost a pathology, because increasing myopia, especially early-onset myopia, has a big overall effect on the pathology of the eye as you grow up.”

“If you can do something about it at an early stage, there is a better prognosis as you grow up,” he added.

Providing a demonstration of the device in-use, Taylor explained that the measurements, in combination with the software, can provide the practitioner with an idea of where the patient is at the time of the test, and where they are likely to be.

“It can start the conversation with the parents as well, to sow the seed for the future,” Taylor said.