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Formuleyes executive chairman, Didier Coton, talks to OT  about creating eyewear that celebrates Formula 1


Earlier this year, Formula 1 partnered with specialist eyewear company, Formuleyes, to produce an exclusive collection of glasses as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the motorsport. OT spoke to Formuleyes executive chairman, Didier Coton, to find out more.

Didier Coton
Didier Coton, executive chairman of Formuleyes

Can you tell us about Formuleyes?

The company was created specifically for the partnership with Formula 1 and is focused on creating a sustainable Formula 1 eyewear brand that covers all facets of the eyewear market while pushing development and aiming to have a minimal carbon footprint.

Our team is composed of four directors and a design team. As well as a three-person sales team covering the globe and looking after a very selective family of distributors and sales agents worldwide.

Can you tell us about the F1 collection?

Formuleyes’ range of products combines sports and fashion with our three-tier collection: ‘Titanium’, ‘Gold’, and ‘Red’. We offer heritage, sustainable, and handmade frames with beautiful carbon fibre detailing.

Quite simply, we have unique designs, aesthetics, materials and each one is created to express the unique emotion of Formula 1.

The frames all represent a different aspect of what makes Formula 1 so special. ‘Titanium’ is designed to represent innovation, while ‘Gold’ celebrates the 70-year heritage of F1, and ‘Red’ combines sport and fashion.

What makes your eyewear unique?

As Formula 1 has always demanded the highest and best qualities when it comes to technicality, precision, innovation and design, we have done everything in our power to honour the same ethos in the eyewear we provide. For example, the ‘Titanium’ model offers a very low carbon footprint and is produced with a 3D printer specialised in titanium printing.

We are working closely with special materials providers for our future collection and to fit with the sustainability goals close to the heart of the F1 organisation.

How did the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent impact affect Formuleyes? How did the company respond?

With the COVID-19 outbreak, which has caused uncertainty for everyone, we had to delay our plans as the world came to a pause.

The F1 and the International Automobile Federation (FIA) have done a tremendous job in offering Formula 1 fans a reduced racing season but, unfortunately, without spectators. Nonetheless, it kept the appetite up for this unique sport.

We had to review our modus operandi. Traveling or moving around has been very complicated or banned, and this has caused us to focus massively on an online approach and presence to reach our retailers and end-users with our distributors and agents.

What are the company’s main ambitions going forwards?

To provide F1 fans and eyewear customers a sun and optical collection that is not only comfortable to wear, but unique in their materials and design. F1 is a unique sport and we wish to bring them a unique feeling too.

Will Formuleyes be producing more collections as part of the agreement with Formula 1?

We plan to release new and exciting models and collections every year that offer an insight into the sport. It will provide a nice way for our customers to create their own F1 collection season after season. However, this is dependent on the outcome of the pandemic, as we do not want to waste products.