Louis Stone releases new instrument for retinoscopy training

The latest in a number of tools introduced to support students, the Optometric Schematic Eye can assist students in practicing retinoscopy

female optometrist
Louis Stone Optical has introduced an instrument to help students acquire the skills needed to perform retinoscopy.

The Optometric Schematic Eye offers students an opportunity to practice retinoscopy without needing to come into contact with others, the company said.

Optometric Schematic Eye
The back of the schematic eye can be adjusted from a +3 to -5 range and can be extended by placing a trial lens in one of three grooves at the front.

The kit includes four assorted full aperture metal trial lenses: two +/- sphere and two +/- cyl. The company explained that inserting a convex + power will add to the amount of myopia corresponding to the position of the back of the eye, while inserting a concave – power will add to the setting of the eye for hypermetropia. A cylinder lens, meanwhile, can be used to simulate astigmatism.

The schematic eye sits on an adjustable stand and has three different pupil size positions.

Louis Stone noted that the device has been purchased by several university optometry departments to evaluate student’s abilities.

Trial Frame UB3+
Louis Stone has also recently introduced a new and improved model of the Oculus UB 3 trial frame as students begin their studies. The frame is lightweight, made from an aluminium material and weighing only 52gms. It has been designed with ergonomically-shaped operating elements to ensure functionality.

The frame features a PD adjustment range of 50-80mm and trial lens diameter of 38mm. The front slot of the frame will take three trial set lens, while the back slot can hold two trial set lens. It also comes with two large and small soft bridges.