Optos at 100% Optical 2020

OT  speaks to Optos’ Gareth Steer

Optical Optos
Representatives from Optos were on hand to demonstrate the company’s newest product, the Monaco, to practitioners during 100% Optical last month.

Speaking to OT about the device, Optos’ vice president of European sales, Gareth Steer, called the Monaco a “unique product.”

“It is the only product worldwide that has ultra-widefield imaging with an integrated OCT,” he said.

“There are many benefits [of the device],” Mr Steer explained, highlighting the amount of clinical data gathered in a short amount of time.

Another benefit is the space. “It’s the only device that combines everything in one box,” Mr Steer said, adding: “It can basically sit in any practice even if space is a little bit tight; it’s very easy just to have the Monaco there and have all of the clinical information you need.”

Optos speaks to OT at 100% Optical

100% Optical 2021 will be held at ExCeL on 23–25 January.