Did you know? Up to 75% of cataract patients suffer from dry eye disease

Rayner introduces AEON eye drops

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It’s well-established that cataract surgery can either worsen or trigger dry eye. In fact, up to 75% of cataract patients suffer from dry eye, highlighting that dry eye may be a hidden obstacle to patient satisfaction after surgery.

An instability in the tear film, caused by dry eye, has been shown to impact the preoperative biometry that can lead to incorrect intraocular lens (IOL) calculations2. The impact of this has been reported to influence pre-surgical biometry by up to two dioptres3, through the change in thickness and quality of the tear film.


The 2018 European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) Clinical Survey data on ocular surface diseases highlighted that despite 90% of respondents agreeing that even mild-moderate dry eye disease significantly impacts preoperative keratometry and IOL calculation4,fewer than half of the physicians are examining the ocular surface before cataract surgery4. How often do you treat dry eye disease at your practice?

Community care offers an important role in supporting the best visual outcomes for your patients. Treating dry eye before patients are referred for biometry measurements will optimise your patients’ results.

Rayner, who has been serving eye care professionals since 1910 and is the UK’s only manufacturer of intraocular lenses, introduces AEON eye drops.

AEON eye drops contain sodium hyaluronate, the eye’s natural lubricant. They are the first family of eye drops designed to help manage dry eye disease around cataract surgery, as well as for everyday dry eye.

AEON PROTECT PLUS is the only eye drop indicated for use both before and after eye surgery, and one of only a few with cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (0.3%) on the market.

AEON REPAIR is enhanced with vitamins A and E, to aid recovery after surgery, as well as helping with patients’ irritation from wearing contact lenses. As expected, they are preservative and phosphate free.

AEON PROTECT offers a cost effective 0.3% sodium hyaluronate eye drop to the range, which uses a SCO preservative that dissipates on contact with the eye. All the AEON family can be used with contact lenses.

Whether you are treating everyday dry eye disease, or preparing for cataract surgery, AEON offers a good option for your patients.

Find out more about the AEON family, visit: Or email [email protected] to request a free sample.  



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