Glasklar at 100% Optical 2020

OT  speaks to Glasklar’s Nick Atkins

Glasklar bottles
Director of marketing and professional services at Positive Impact, Nick Atkins, highlighted how refillable lens cleaning product Glasklar is both environmentally friendly and an effective customer retention tool.

Speaking to OT during 100% Optical last month, Mr Atkins explained that if a practice gives its patients the refillable lens cleaning bottle and invites them back for a refill when needed, they could experience increased footfall every three months, rather than the once every two years. 

“There has always been an environmental element to the refill side of [the product],” Mr Atkins told OT, adding: “That has become key to a lot of practitioners’ decisions now.”

Mr Atkins explained that the most effective way of attracting new customers to a practice is through word of mouth. However, “most don’t have any kind of strategy for this,” he said, adding that Glasklar is a low cost and effective way of doing this. “I can’t think of a lower cost way of trying to get patients through the door,” he said, sharing that he has heard stories of customers going in for refill and leaving with new sunglasses or spectacles.

Glasklar speaks to OT at 100% Optical

During the three-day trade show, Glasklar announced a partnership with Kirk & Kirk that saw the release of 12 new coloured lens cleaning bottles that match the colours used by the eyewear brand.

The partnership is designed to enable independents that stock the British eyewear brand to gift the sprays to patients in a colour matching their frame purchase.

Positive Impact will also offer Kirk & Kirk stockists a Glasklar lens cleaner refill station for their practice at a preferential price.

Managing director at Positive Impact, Maxine Green, said: “Kirk & Kirk appreciates that loyalty must work both from supplier to customer, just as much as it does from practice to consumer and Glasklar fits its brand ethos so well.”

100% Optical 2021 will be held at ExCeL on 23–25 January.