Heidelberg highlights OCT benefits for monitoring glaucoma

The company told OT  about its planned product developments for 2019 at 100% Optical

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Heidelberg Engineering is focusing on how useful optical coherence tomography (OCT) is for monitoring and diagnosing glaucoma.

The equipment company told OT that it has developed its glaucoma premium edition module and will be upgrading software this year to add more functionality for monitoring and diagnosing glaucoma.

Speaking to OT at 100% Optical, clinical market development manager at Heidelberg Engineering, Tim Cole, said: “Glaucoma, for many primary eye clinicians, can be a worrying subject because a lot of people do not know what to do with these patients.”

He highlighted that OCT gives practitioners “an extra line of investigation” to support their findings and helps build a case for a good referral.

Tim Cole discusses how OCT can help monitor and diagnose glaucoma