Eyoto eMap: a demo

Eyoto explains how its lens analysis system, the eMap, works

Eyoto eMap

Eyoto’s eMap device is a high-tech visual selling tool for opticians, its CEO, Carl Francis, explained to OT when demoing the tool during 100% Optical last month (12–14 January).

“It allows the optician to take the patient on a journey so that they can see what their current lenses are doing and what issues there may be with them,” Mr Francis highlighted.

The lens analysis system is designed to enable practitioners to show patients why lenses are different, as well as why one lens may suit a person’s lifestyle better than another and why one may be more expensive than another, Eyoto product specialist, Jim Cox, told OT.

Mr Cox explained that practitioners can also use eMap to show patients the surface of their lenses close-up, a method that is useful when talking to patients who have the same prescription but would benefit from new lenses due to scratches or coating breakdown.