Setting the mood

Mewscraft’s range of LED backlit displays will be on show at 100% Optical


Mewscraft will showcase its portfolio of display products and optical practice refurbishments, including the new range of LED backlit displays, at 100% Optical 2018.

The displays are available in a range of colour temperatures, such as warm white and cool white, and come with dimming options to allow practitioners to set the mood.

Managing director for Mewscraft, Hal Cripwell, said: “In our experience, many practices require flexible display space that really makes the frames stand out. An LED backlit display is the perfect way of achieving this.”

“LED backlighting really draws customer to the display and makes frames sparkle at their best, no matter how much they cost,” he added.

A team of four designers from Mewscraft will be at 100% Optical to talk refurbishments, from a small spectacle display to a full refit.