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It's not all about vision

Heidelberg Engineering on why perfect vision doesn't mean healthy eyes

09 Feb 2017 by Advertorial

When a practice promotes frames and lenses in their advertising, they are only addressing just over half of their potential audience.

Each and every person walking down the High Street needs to have an eye health check to ensure that there are no underlying conditions that could threaten their sight in the future. This is because perfect vision doesn’t just mean healthy eyes. Patients can be unaware of a disease in their eye until they begin having vision problems, which could mean that significant damage to their eyes has already occurred.

"High quality OCT scans that are repeatable  can provide the optometrist with the ability to see the first signs of eye disease and refer appropriately"

One in two cases of sight loss can be avoided through early detection and receiving the right treatment at the right time. High quality OCT scans that are repeatable can provide the optometrist with the ability to see the first signs of eye disease and refer appropriately. For instance, the Spectralis OCT can measure changes in the eye to within one micron, which enables the optometrist to look for any changes which might affect their vision (see image below). 

Figure 1 A precise followup auto rescan

The 3D OCT scan combined with the 4th dimension – time – provides a truly four-dimensional eye health check. The Spectralis 4D HD Eye Health Check offers the patient the peace of mind that comes with knowing if their eyes are healthy and the optometrist with the confidence to make clinical decisions and improve patient care.

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