UK's MyOptique joins Essilor family

Essilor has purchased the online spectacles and sunglasses supplier MyOptique Group


UK retailers Glasses Direct and Sunglasses Shop are the latest additions to optical company Essilor’s portfolio.

Essilor announced this week that it will acquire the British-owned MyOptique Group, which owns the two websites, as well as contact lens suppliers, Lensbest in Germany and LensOn in the Nordic countries.

Essilor will also gain several house brands, including London Retro and Scout, marketed by Glasses Direct.

The announcement said that key members of MyOptique’s management team will remain, following the purchase.

The company statement said that the acquisition: “will enable Essilor to broaden its online footprint to central Europe and to enhance its capabilities in successful multi-category, multi-brand models.”

MyOptique chief executive, Kevin Cornils, said that: “This transaction represents a major milestone for the MyOptique Group … My management team and I are delighted by the opportunity.”

To read more, visit the Essilor website.