Birmingham Optical OCT system launch is 'a success'

Customer praise for new Nidek Duo System

Birmingham Optical believes OCT system launch is a success

Birmingham Optical is celebrating the successful launch of the new Nidek Retina Scan Duo, which offers high resolution optical coherence tomography (OCT) combined with a colour fundus camera. 

Promoted as “a high end device without the high end price tag,” the device features a 12mm x 9mm wide area scan, fundus auto fluorescence and an anterior camera as standard. 

Birmingham Optical believes it is arguably the world’s easiest to use OCT, with advanced auto tracking through auto alignment. 

The company is highlighting that the system can be incorporated into the patient journey as part of the pre-screening process, leaving the optometrist to review the images. 

Optometrist Dr Sandip Doshi, owner of The Eyecare Centre in Hove, purchased the Nidek Retina Scan Duo in February. 

Dr Doshi said: “The clinical and commercial impact on my practice has far exceeded my expectations, I only wish the technology had been around years ago. My patients take great reassurance knowing that we have the ability to detect any problems so early on. 

“There was an immediate uptake from my patients and six months on, it continues to be the case. I am delighted with the investment and the positive impact it has on both the patient journey and increased revenue.”

Birmingham Optical is offering support for the introduction of an OCT system in a practice, which includes data migration, marketing support, CET-accredited training and finance options.

For more information, visit the Birmingham Optical website.