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To have healthy people, we need a healthy planet

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At Johnson & Johnson Vision, we’re committed to creating a healthier world. We know that we – and you, our eye care professional (ECP) partners – have a role to play in helping people around the world see better, connect better and live better.

But we also know that delivering our mission shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. Because to have healthy people, we need a healthy planet.

That’s why we’re constantly innovating to find sustainable solutions to tackle climate change, both in our business, through our ECPs, and through our ECPs’ patients. We want to make positive, sustainable change easier for everyone.

Reducing waste

In the UK, we know that reducing waste is a top priority for our partners and patients.

In 2022, a Johnson & Johnson Vision UK survey found that:

  • 72% of wearers were more likely to increase their frequency of use if they knew their contact lenses could be recycled
  • 67% of contact lens wearers and those considering contacts were more likely to switch to an optician that offered contact lens recycling
    We are on a mission to limit landfill contribution through recycling efforts and by continuously exploring opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging
  • 89% of raw materials at ACUVUE® contact lens manufacturing sites are recycledi

Beyond reducing waste, we’re focused on two additional core areas:

Reducing carbon footprint

We’re on track to help Johnson & Johnson meet its carbon neutrality goal by 2030, having significantly reduced our carbon footprint in the last ten years1. To date we have:

  • Saved 48,000 tons of CO2 annually through renewable and energy efficient programmes**2
  • Made sure that all our ACUVUE® contact lenses are now made with 100% renewable electricityii,iii
  • Invested $50MM at our Limerick (and Jacksonville, Florida) manufacturing sites to reduce our CO2 footprint. Our production site in Limerick, Ireland is 100% powered by windiv,v
  • Achieved both certification and recertification of ISO50001 standard for our energy management systems – including policies, targets, improvements, and use of data.

Preserving natural resources

We strive to limit our use of natural resources and find new solutions to protect the environment:

  • Our paper packaging is sourced from sustainable forestry products, helping combat deforestationvi
  • In 2023, we removed the plastic pouches on delivery notices for all our ACUVUE® orders, saving 2.7 tons of plastic each year in the UKvii

These are just a few examples of how we are meeting our sustainability commitments.

As we look to the future, we will continue to demand more from ourselves as we work towards our sustainable vision and creating a healthier planet.

“At Johnson & Johnson Vision, we’re committed to doing the right thing. It’s part of our heritage and Credo – whether that’s tackling climate change, waste reduction, or protecting natural resources. We’re passionate about our global sustainability strategy and using science to guide our actions to create a healthier world,” said Jacob Sveen, General Manager UK and Ireland, Johnson & Johnson Vision.

To find out more about our sustainability efforts visit:


** CO2 savings are based on engineering estimates completed at the time the projects were approved. Equivalency calculation was completed using US EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

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