British Contact Lens Association names new president

Indie Grewal, owner and optometrist at Leightons St Albans, has been elected to the role

The British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) has elected Indie Grewal as its new president.

The owner and optometrist at Leightons St Albans takes over from the current president, Jonathon Bench, and will give his inaugural address in September through a virtual event.

Mr Grewal is a qualified dispensing optician and optometrist, with more than 30 years’ experience in the optical industry.

He opened his own franchise with Leightons in St Albans in 2001 and has previously worked with Visioncare Research as a research optometrist. His interest in contact lenses resulted in his being awarded a fellowship with the BCLA.

Mr Grewal has a special interest in myopia management and multifocal contact lens fitting.

Speaking of his appointment, Mr Grewal said: “It’s an honour for me to now serve as president of the BCLA. I’m looking forward to working with the Council and our sponsors to deliver class-leading research and education to help eye care practitioners improve the lives of their patients.”

Mr Grewal’s address, titled ‘Making a lasting first impression’ will cover his own memories of attending the 1997 BCLA conference, as well as the technologies that can be used to engage patients and create a lasting first impression, as well as looking at the evolving contact lens market.

“Our return to a new normal way of practising will also be an opportunity for many of us to see new patients, as many be unwilling to travel far or may wish to continue their desire to shop locally,” Mr Grewal explained.

“Creating a lasting first impression has always been important when meeting someone new, never more so than today,” Mr Grewal said, “It can take less than a second for you to judge someone and create a first impression, it’s time to make that second count.”