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Alcon shares details of its latest products and innovations that are designed to help practices reduce drop-outs and build patient loyalty

The Alcon team was pleased to welcome many practitioners and their peers to the 40th British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) Clinical Conference and Exhibition in Liverpool, on 9–11 June.

Delegates were introduced to and could learn more about our product and service innovations, plus they could try out our full range of contact lens and lens care products, including the double award-winning Dailies Total1® Multifocal.

Earlier this year, Dailies Total1® Multifocal was recognised by the eye care community with two awards for successfully meeting the demands of the optical sector. These included the AOP Awards 2017 Product of the Year accolade from the AOP, and a Contact Lens Product of the Year award from Optician.

As a company, we are convinced that this lens has the potential to drive more fits and prevent drop-outs linked to presbyopia. To help BCLA delegates understand more about fitting presbyopes, we ran a sponsors pavilion presentation on Saturday (10 June) entitled 1 + 1 + 3 = 96. In this session, we explored how one Precision Profile™ multifocal design, with one simplified fitting guide, available on three different materials platforms, can deliver fitting success.

The BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition is one of the biggest international meetings that is dedicated exclusively to contact lenses, and it is a great forum to explore lens trends and innovations for tomorrow. Alcon was particularly proud to present its new digital solution for eye care professionals (ECPs) who are interested in expanding their online footprint. Powered by Alcon, InContact is an enhanced digital platform that facilitates the convenience of online purchasing for patients directly from their local optician. It can help practices build long-term relationships with both new and existing patients.

InContact enables ECPs to set up personalised, digital storefronts and offer online ordering, home delivery and subscription programmes. It also opens new digital communication channels for their contact lens wearers. Contact your Alcon business development manager or our customer service team to find out more. 

Supporting this, we dedicated our partner showcase presentation, Contact lens and e-commerce opportunity, on Sunday (11 June) to InContact. 

Specialists were also on-hand in the Alcon InContact Studio to help delegates find out how InContact can help them grow their practice. Practitioners who would like to find out more about this exciting proposition should speak to their Alcon business development manager, or the customer services team.

We were also pleased to offer an exciting educational programme that addressed the "challenges of tomorrow." Below are some of the highlights:

Friday, 9 June – The importance of the contact, in contact lens 

In this session, Alcon's global R&D representative, Erich Bauman, and the University of Florida's Professor Greg Sawyer, explored how we focus our R&D to deliver innovative product and solutions that meet unmet needs or exceed those options that already exist for patients.

Scientific and poster presentations

  • Daily disposable contact lenses initial on-eye wettability – Michel Guillon et al
  • Clinical outcomes for Dailies Total1 Multifocal lens in symptomatic patients – Jami Kern et al
  • Material effect on multifocal contact lens fitting of lenses of the same optical design with the same fitting guide – Erich Bauman et al
  • Fitting success of Lotrafilcon B lenses with different packaging solutions – Jessie Lemp et al
  • Use of NIK-DUT to measure the wettability of different silicone hydrogel lens materials and their blister solutions – Sebastian Marx et al
  • Contact lens dehydration and its influence on contact lens clinical performance – Frank Molock et al
  • In vitro lubricity experiments on corneal cells – Angela Pitenis et al.

Last but not least, in 2017 Alcon is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Thanks to the community of eye care professionals, Alcon has been able to develop its game changing products for the benefit of patients. We want to thank practitioners for their partnership and trust, and we look forward to continuing to shape the future of eye care together. 

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