Bausch & Lomb launches new lens

The contact lens company has introduced ZenLens DX to the UK

Bausch and Lomb Zenlens

Bausch & Lomb (B+L) has launched a range of specialist lenses in the UK, which aim to meet the growing demand for gas permeable lenses to correct vision problems that are associated with corneal irregularities. 

Introducing the 28 lens Zenlens DX set, the contact lens manufacturer highlighted that scleral lenses are an invaluable tool for correcting issues such as keratoconus and keratoglobus. 

The Zenlens scleral lenses are available in diameters of 16mm and 17mm, prolate and oblate designs, and are accompanied by a 28 lens diagnostic set, B+L confirmed.

The lenses feature SmartCurve technology, which enable parameters to be modified to create a bespoke lens that meets the wearers fit and wearability needs, the company explained. 

Speaking about the new product, B+L business unit head, Amy Rothwell, said: “Scleral lenses are the fastest growing sector in specialty contact lens fitting and the launch of the Zenlens underscores B+L’s commitment to excellence and innovation in this important market. We are very proud to offer the widest range of specialty lenses available in the UK.” 

To support practitioners in using Zenlens, B+L’s will establish an educational forum, supported by its technical and scientific manager, Richard Smith. The forum is designed to explore issues around corneal irregularities and include a demonstration of the 28 lens Zenlens Dx set.

Mr Smith shared: “It can be extremely challenging to provide comfortable corrective lenses for people with corneal irregularities. However, the range of options afforded by Zenlens, and the opportunities for bespoke adjustments which are made possible with SmartCurve technology, makes it much simpler to find a solution.”