New launches from Safilens at BCLA

Contact lens manufacturer to launch new daily toric lens

09 May 2017 by John White

Safilens has announced that it will be launching its new daily toric lens at the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) Clinical Conference and Exhibition at the ACC Liverpool (9–11 June). 

The Italian company told OT that it will deliver an exclusive preview launch of the daily toric fusion 1day astigma lens.

The product expands the family of daily contact lenses, incorporating the company’s fusiontechnology™ system. 

The company said: “The synergistic interaction between hyaluronic acid and tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP) that normalises and stabilises the physiological relationship between the tear film and the ocular surface, provides the wearer with natural, lasting eye comfort.”

The new lens, which will hit the marketplace immediately after the event, features Safilens’ “Sleekform stabilsation.” The company said that the design is “based on the pure prism, ensuring minimal thicknesses and an extremely uniform surface. In addition to limiting the mechanical strain associated with wearing contact lenses, this characteristic significantly reduces the issues related to differences in distribution of oxygen flow, typical of the designs currently available.”

fusion 1day astigma will be available with more than 800 parameters (three cylinders and eight axes).

Safilens’ R&D manager, Alessandro Filippo, explained: “This design was engineered to ensure precise, rapid and constant stabilisation, while at the same time providing the comfort and practicality of daily contact lenses.”

Safilens has confirmed that live fittings will take place on stand 46 at the BCLA conference to test the performance of afocal design and participate in a preview experience of the Sleekform design of fusion 1day astigma.

University of Salento’s lecturer on optometry, Giancarlo Montani, and Safilens’ head of professional services, Sergio Momini, will conduct a workshop entitled Management of computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain with contact lenses on 11 June, which will introduce additional assessments and results of the patented afocal design.


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