Simplifying dry eye management

The benefits of Bausch & Lomb's Dry Eye Kit

Many optical practices are now routinely offering dry eye management to their patients. Providing this kind of service not only helps to build loyalty within your patient base and promotes personal recommendations, but will also generate extra revenue.

This is generated by professional fees and products initially, but then follows on with repeat sales of over the counter products indefinitely, and can even be built into a direct debit scheme to facilitate long term commitment from your patient.

Many more practices would like to expand on the services they offer but are a little unsure where to start, especially as the range of products available is large and complex, and can be a little overwhelming at first. The Bausch & Lomb '24 Hour Dry Eye Kit' is all you need to begin-a complete package which makes managing your patient’s dry eyes simpler than ever. The retail price can even be added to your clinic fees in order to offer an inclusive approach to pricing if you feel this is the way to position dry eye management within your practice.

It can be interesting to expand on the range of services you presently offer and will improve the way your practice is perceived by others. No special training is required in order to use the kit so you can get started straight away.

Managing dry eye with the kit

What is in the kit?

  • Therapearl® Eye-ssential mask (can be used for hot or cold therapy)
  • Biotrue® Daily Eyelid Wipes
  • Artelac® Rebalance 10ml
  • Artelac® Nighttime Gel. 

A complete approach 

Five simple steps, which are easy for your patient to follow at home, and everything they need is provided:

Step 1. Sustained heat should be applied for minimum of 10 minutes using the Therapearl Eye-ssential eye mask, heated according to the instructions. This will heat the glands to over 40 degrees-the temperature required to melt the mebum, therefore improving delivery of the meibomian oil

Step 2. Remove the mask and massage the eyelids while the eyes are closed, with a firm but gentle action, immediately after heating

Step 3. After massaging, gently clean the eyelids and eyelashes with Biotrue Daily Eyelid Wipes, ensuring a separate eye wipe is used for each eye

"This is generated by professional fees and products initially, but then follows on with repeat sales of over the counter product indefinitely"

Step 4. Hydrate the eyes with Artelac Rebalance 10ml eye drops as many times as needed throughout the day

Step 5. Before going to sleep, gently squeeze a line of Artelac Nighttime Gel into each eye.

Compliance is essential for dry eye management to be effective and offering a simple, practical approach will be welcomed by your patients. Alleviating the symptoms of their dry eyes has the potential to improve their quality of life, which results in long term loyalty to the practice and will also enhance your reputation.

This article was authored by Pauline Bradford.