Advancing support for presbyopes

Mark'ennovy shares how its Gentle multifocal and multifocal toric contact lenses with Smart MF Tech technology offer new opportunities for practitioners and presbyopic patients alike

The National Institute of Statistics has recognised that in the coming decades the largest segment of the population will be aged between 45 and 60 years old. Progressive ageing, combined with a growing culture of health consciousness and daily dependence on digital devices, has increased the demand for comfortable vision at all distances for presbyopes.

Significant progress has been made in product development for presbyopia correction. This includes novel multifocal contact lens designs, driven by a better understanding of the factors affecting the lens performance – beginning from the contact lens design phase to the clinical behaviour of the contact lens on the eye. 

Mark Ennovy Gentle 59 multifocal contact lenses infographic

Optimised for the patient

A patient’s individual eye characteristics, such as pupil diameter, as well as ocular aberrations and residual accommodation, play an important role of the performance of multifocal lenses. These factors are an integral part of the lens performance and will vary depending on the patient’s age.

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The incorporation of these variables in the design of contact lenses for presbyopia would allow optimising the power distribution over the optical zone of the lens to maximise the quality of vision. Advances in the reproducibility of the lens and predictability of visual outcome would improve the contact lens fitting process for the eye care professional.

Advanced design

In 2015 mark’ennovy expanded the Gentle family by adding Gentle 59 monthly multifocal and multifocal toric contact lenses. This addition completes the wide range of multifocal solutions: Gentle 80 is better suited for patients with a small pupil size, more sensitive eyes, or higher demands in near vision. Gentle 59 targets patients who demand enhanced intermediate vision and easy handling. Gentle contact lenses are made with the biomimetic Ori:gen material developed to meet the characteristics of the natural physiology of the tear fillm. 

Gentle multifocal and toric contact lenses incorporate Smart MF Tech technology, which offers a range of optical zones optimised for each age group and is available in both centre- near and centre-distance geometries. Gentle 80 and Gentle 59 by mark’ennovy constitute a real solution for presbyopia thanks to the predictability of their individual optical design.

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