Daysoft closes Jersey facility

Nine employees lose their jobs as contact lens manufacturer's Jersey centre closes

ron hamilton

Contact lens manufacturer and supplier Daysoft will close its Jersey-based order delivery centre at the end of August, resulting in the loss of nine jobs.  

Having opened on the island in 2008, operations will be moved to Blantyre in Scotland, the company confirmed.  

Speaking to the BBC, Daysoft called the closure "regrettable", and said it would do everything it could to help the staff affected.  

Explaining the closure, Daysoft founder, Ron Hamilton, said: "As Blantyre has an order fulfilment department immediately adjacent to the final production process, it was decided to consolidate this work. 

"Blantyre will now handle both the order process work previously done in Jersey with the fulfilment work already established in Scotland. 

"Faster delivery times and first-rate tracking services are increasingly in demand; the Blantyre operation is geographically better placed to offer these. 

"The sheer weight of the economic and delivery-speed argument was impossible to ignore."