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David Thomas Contact Lenses will highlights its three main products at this year’s BCLA

05 May 2015 by Robina Moss

David Thomas Contact Lenses (DTCL), part of the Menicon group, has revealed that it will highlight three of its products at the BCLA clinical conference and exhibition later this month (29–31 May, ACC Liverpool).

The main focus will be on the ‘Miru 1day Flat Pack’, the world’s first daily disposable flat pack contact lens which its says offers “a highly differentiated product that is instantly recognisable.”

The contact lens is contained in a foil pack, which is designed to minimise lens handling and contamination concerns. 

The specially designed package eliminates confusion about lens orientation and reduces the chances of the wearer touching the inner surface of the contact lens, thereby reducing the risk of harmful microorganisms or debris getting trapped between the lens and eye. 

The parameter range has increased recently and now includes plus powers up to +4.00D.

Delegates are invited to join Miru’s inventor, Steve Newman, for breakfast for an hour of consumer and clinical insights followed by a Q&A session on Saturday, 30 May, at 8am.

The company’s ‘Rose K2 Soft’ contact lens will also be featured. According to DTCL, it is recognised that there are some patients, particularly those intolerant of rigid lenses, and with very early irregular corneas, who prefer soft lenses to a rigid lens design.

To cater for this this, Paul Rose designed the ‘Rose K Soft,’ a thick soft contact lens, to offer an alternative for fitting the irregular cornea, particularly when rigid lenses are not successful. 

The design is said to be easy to fit and follows the same five step fitting method advocated for all the other ‘Rose K’ designs. In both international and domestic trials, it is said to have an “outstanding success rate and to provide excellent vision when fitted to the appropriate irregular cornea.”

Delegates are invited to join Mr Rose at the gold sponsor showcase on Friday, 29 May, at 11.20am in Hall 3 where he will give a brief overview of the design and describe how to best fit the lens to maximise success rate.

Also on the stand (23) will be MeniCare Pure, the newest multipurpose solution manufactured by Menicon to promote healthy RGP lens care. 

The product is the first solution formulated with natural ingredients such as ε-polylysine (instead of PHMB) as a disinfecting agent, as well as vitamin C glucoside and hyaluronic acid. Additionally, a double filtration manufacturing method has been utilised to remove any undesired particles and provide purity to the solution formulation. 

The product comes in a one-touch-cap bottle for better sterility and easier handling.  

Delegates are invited to join Jac Santodomingo on Saturday, 30 May, at 2pm at the Exhibitors’ Pavilion where he will provide an overview of the features of MeniCare Pure.

For more information, visit the DTCL website.  


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