Themes confirmed for National Eye Health Week 2023

The campaign, held between 18 – 24 September, will focus on topics such as myopia, eye health and wellbeing, and NHS eye care and support

Abstract colourful silhouettes representing a large group of people in rows, decreasing in size as they get further away
Pixabay/Gerd Altmann

Eye Health UK, the charity behind National Eye Health Week, has confirmed the themes for the 2023 campaign, taking place between 18 – 24 September.

The daily themes help set a “prevention agenda” to improve eye health, the organisers said.

Optical practices are encouraged to participate in the campaign.

Themes include NHS Eye Care and Support, Myopia and Me, Digital Eye Care, Eye on Mental Health, Live Well, See Well, Vision Matters Photographic Competition and Exhibition, and Smoking and Sight Loss.

The first theme, NHS Eye Care and Support, will emphasise the importance of routine eye tests and highlight eligibility for NHS sight tests and optical vouchers.

The campaign will also seek to raise awareness of the range of services provided by optometrists, such as Minor Eye Condition Services and the COVID-19 Urgent Eyecare Service.

During the week, a ‘tween to teen’ campaign will take place to highlight the topic of myopia, the importance of early diagnosis, and will discuss myopia management.

The campaign will also share tips to prevent screen fatigue as part of the day focused on Digital Eye Care and will explore the links between eye health and wellbeing for Eye on Mental Health.

Live Well, See Well will consider the effect of lifestyle factors on eye health, supported by the campaign’s consumer magazine, Vista.

Organisers suggested the Vision Matters exhibition will build on “growing evidence” of the effectiveness of the arts in the uptake of health enhancing behaviours, while the final day of the campaign will focus on the issue of Smoking and Sight Loss.

David Cartwright, chair of Eye Health UK, shared: “These themes targeting audiences with diverse eye care needs will help set a prevention agenda that is essential in order to curtail avoidable sight loss and improve the nation’s eye health.”

Encouraging practices to get involved, Cartwright suggested that participation in the campaign would both help to enhance the profile of a practice, and “help to educate the public on the importance of looking after their eye health and regular sight tests.”

Those interested in learning more about National Eye Health Week, or wishing to receive promotional resources, can send their contact details to the organisers.