eSight prepares to release next generation of its technology

The technology has been developed to support visually impaired people by enhancing their vision

“The ability of the technology to really have a dramatic impact of an individual’s life,” is one of the most exciting parts of Aaron Tutwiler’s role as CEO of eSight.

Speaking to OT, Tutwiler explained that eSight, a company that produces a device to help enhance vision, has reached the fourth generation of its technology, with new product eSight Go expected to reach market later this year.

The company has developed a head-mounted device that positions a high-definition camera and screens in front of a patient’s eyes so they can enhance what their natural vision can provide them, Tutwiler shared with OT.

Using the example of two patients with macular degeneration who have different needs and requirements, the CEO highlighted that “instead of trying to build something around the disease state, [eSight] is really built around the customisation and customer need.”

In the product pipeline for eSight is eSight Go, which Tutwiler said he was “really excited” about. “It’s really the next step in the evolution in our portfolio.”

Explaining the product’s development, Tutwiler said: “One of the design goals for eSight Go was to create a device that was more aesthetically pleasing, something more naturally integrated into the consumer landscape, that didn’t look like a medical device, and I think we have achieved that.”

Another goal for the company was to reduce the manufacturing expenses around the technology to the point it is able to pass on savings to the customer and make it more accessible. “Even though we are not at the stage where we can release price point yet,” Tutwiler said, “I can confidentially tell you that this will be the most affordable device that eSight has ever put into the market.”