CHECT releases World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week resources

The awareness week will take place from 14–20 May

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) has released resources for healthcare professionals to help raise awareness of retinoblastoma.

Ahead of World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week, held from 14–20 May, CHECT has created assets that professionals can use on social media to outline the signs and symptoms of retinoblastoma.

Resources also include templates that individuals can use to host a ‘Crazy Glasses Day’ in their local community, practice or workplace, to help raise awareness of retinoblastoma, and fundraise for the charity, which receives no government funding.

Richard Ashton, the CEO of CHECT, explained that retinoblastoma typically affects children under the age of six.

Approximately one child a week is diagnosed in the UK, representing 3% of all childhood cancers and 10% of cancers in babies under the age of one, he added.

“Around 98% of children survive retinoblastoma in the UK but early diagnosis is crucial in order to save a child’s eyes, sight and life,” Ashton said.

The most common symptoms include a white glow in a child’s eye or pupil in dim lighting or when a photo is taken using flash, and a squint.

Resources can be accessed through the CHECT website.